Saturday, 7 April 2012


A bedroom decorated in the 80s, pretty, feminine and very comfortable.  The Sheraton four-poster has a cream linen cover and valances;  an early 19c. applique flower bouquet is mounted  on the cover centre and a guilloche braid frames it.  The braid continues along the bottom of the valances.  The wallpaper is an 18c. design printed by Zoffany, now discontinued.    The curtains are more natural linen sheets with a crimson pom-pom edging.  Two oval silk on silk needlework pictures decorate the wall and a vintage Indian crewel-work felt rug lies by the fireplace.  The easy chair is plain, pale green, the silky cushion has a green and cream tapestry panel.   The period fireplace was fitted with a real flame gas fire which made the sitting area extra cosy.   The curtains here were the original pair of cream hemp sheets which started my old linen business off and I sold many hundreds similar to these.  I still have a couple of dozen pairs left and that will be the end!

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  1. I think this is a particularly classic style and really lovely.