Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I am sorry for the intermittent nature of my Blogs just now  - few and far between, but maybe that is a good thing!  The fact is that I am off on 2  new project (more news later) and have had little time to do things like gathering the pictures and references for any writing bits and  have had a really busy programme of work to complete  here in my old house - entirely for my own benefit, giving my whole house a complete shake-up, the garden a re-make, my clothes a re-sort out, and as my 89th birthday and an Italian holiday both in Sept. entice me on to complete everything in time, I FIND MY DAYS ARE VERY FULL AND THE MIDNIGHT WRITING PROGRAMME IS JUST TOO LATE;  please bear with me and I will be back regularly quite soon and on into the autumn and winter maybe and then it may be time to bid you, all my friends and readers, goodbye..