Sunday, 22 April 2012

A hive of industry

This is an (old) example of Caroline Zoob's handiwork.  As an ex-bee-keeper I love her take on a summer morning when the bees are busy.  She is a busy-bee herself with original ideas and original decorations for all kinds of useful and charming household articles.  Her catalogue shows metal work, wooden carving and lots and lots of hand-stitched needlework on rustic linen, heavy cotton, all designed for regular use and good wear and washing qualities.   She takes her place in my gallery of successful artists whom I have known since they first started up and Caroline is an infrequent stallholder at T4T Fairs.  She was very busy at the American Museum and is back with us for Yarlington Fair.  If you want a special gift for a grandchild, a god child or something special for Christmas, now is the time for commissions and you can talk to her about this.
Some of her things take a while to make and the queue grows long in December.

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