Tuesday, 3 April 2012


  At a time when most of us are trying to re-cycle and be economical with our clothes and linens, it is refreshing to look at the wardrobes of the Royal family, The Queen in her pretty pastel outfits and of course the new Duchess in her jaunty young styles, always becoming and correct.  I imagine that these bonnets which were made for Queen Victoria in her youth had the same effect, and were probably much copied.   You have to admire the fine straw-work (where are the makers nowadays? ) and the beautiful wide silk ribbons are almost unobtainable now - or only at a huge price.  These come from the V. and A. Museum and are rather more attractive and interesting than the items of Royal Underwear which keep on turning up in auction sales and fetch surprising amounts.


  1. Anything pertaining to fashion and fabric has my thumbs up. TFS.

  2. How lovely they are! I have never seen these before.Just beautiful...