Thursday, 26 April 2012


A preview of this summer's look - blue, blue, blue, from the Queen to the sports arena, blues come on strong and smart.   Cobalt, indigo, ultra-marine, are all in the fashion news, and I'm looking out my French workwear to join in the splash;  -and you can't get away from them in accessories, furnishing and gardens - I've just planted out blue and white violas on my terrace pots and red geraniums will follow in time for the Jubilee.     Click on picture to see the Queen!


  1. I am still a relatively new visitor to your posts, but do want to let you know how much I enjoy this access.

    Best wishes!

  2. Much as I love certain shades of blue, I draw the line at blue lipstick :)

  3. These photos are amazing. I agree with "A bird in the hand" above this comment that blue lipstick is crosses the line. Blue lips usually mean death to me.