Monday, 16 April 2012


    One of the things that has given me a lot of interest and pleasure during the past few years has been to see how some of the names from past Talent for Textiles Fairs and contacts have risen to the forefront of their particular field.   All were beginners and most very young when they decided on a particular career connected with textiles and decoration, and all were extremely dedicated and hard working people - and no doubt that was the main feature of their eventual success.  They all had a unique skill, or particular interest and made use of every opportunity; and that, too, helped them hugely on their way to the top.   I am thinking of old trade friends like Jane Sacchi, decorator and top linen purveyor, Kate Forman, decorator and designer of fabrics with a very glamorous catalogue of her own goods, Polly Lyster, dyer and sewing expert supplying top names in London and elsewhere, Vanessa Arbuthnott with a range of beautiful fabrics, Caroline Zoob, well known for her distinctive and original needlework and gift catalogue, Melissa White's range of original Elizabethan design textiles and wallpapers (now at Zoffany);  she is taking part in the Great Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Faberge.   They have all deserved their success and contributed to the wonderful world of colour, pattern and original decoration and it has been such a pleasure  to watch them grow.  I keep in touch with them all, and give them the occasional mention as they have all been clients at our T4T Fairs.   I have to say that we also have a long list of very distinguished and famous private clients whose names we do not ever mention.   Always a boost to any business!   I have just got a new and really beautiful, immaculate folding screen done in Vanessa Arbuthnott's print and it will be on sale at Yarlington Fair July 6th.  There are many others who are starting out now on their own - employment in luxury markets is pretty difficult in these austerity times -  if they can find a niche market, and persevere, using every contact they make, having a decent trade card printed for people to hang on to, they will have made a good beginning and the end result will depend on the appeal of the goods they produce and a good measure of luck.

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