Thursday, 5 April 2012


This is a rather scruffy tape sample card, presumably from a French drapery shop with nice old fashioned script and figures;  No. 16 bottom right is 25F. le metre which is not difficult to translate!    I have a big reel of similar linen tape myself which is very useful for making all kinds of loops and bindings - strong and quite smart on tea towels and various ties on aprons  and other clothing.- and with the current fashion for all things stone and pebble coloured, I have used some to decorate cushions and bags.     I offer the little card to anyone who collects old haberdashery - free, but ask for postage which might be about £1.  It is quite useless but I can't throw it away and am now trying to reduce the chaos of my sewing room! Contact me  P.S. I HAVE HAD THREE WOULD-BE TAKERS WITHIN 2 HOURS OF PUTTING THIS OFFER ON AND I ACCEPTED THE FIRST OFFER - SO IT SEEMS I HAVE SEVERAL READERS AND TWO WERE FROM FRANCE!  THANK YOU AND SORRY TO DISAPPOINT.


  1. I would love this. I tried to email you my address but it failed, I will try again. I thought maybe a swap. I have the finest thread in skeins, hand spun? I know you are trying to declutter so I can send you postage too if you wish. Thanks.

  2. Too late for me, alas! Call it unrequited love...

  3. This reminds me of an old American quote - "I am always a day late and a dollar short",lol. Congratulations to the lucky receipient.

    Juanita in Ohio, USA.

  4. Hello Elizabeth,

    So thrilled that my good friend Gretel snagged this lovely piece of textile history. She will be the very best of caretakers I can assure you.
    Love your blog and your photo in the header has put the biggest smile on this American face...thank you!

    Have a lovely day
    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    PS...something I love to do is create beautiful couture aprons from cast off antique and vintage linens, hankies, dresser scarves and such.

  5. carrrrrolinemoore20 June 2012 at 14:56

    i am purring at the thought of all the fabric at your textile fair and am e mailing you straight after this so i can attend hopefully!! i make upholstered head boards and fiddle about with bits of material!!! thankyou .caroline moore