Sunday, 27 March 2011


  Followers of Talent for Textile Fairs will know that we choose our venues with care - plenty of room for shopping, viewing, chatting, eating and parking.  We have two new places for your interest and pleasure and the first is in  new area for us - Glastonbury - it has a strong local interest in colour, pattern and costume, an ancient town full of history and with many medieval associations, and a really stunning building, the 14th C. Tithe Barn which we are lighting up with strings of festive festoon lighting;  we hope this will be a bit of a land mark event for all our visitors.  There are added attractions of Museum, shop, cosy cafe and the path to the famous Tor, so there will be plenty to do on a day's outing.    We are advertising heavily and looking to all our stallholders to spread the word!  May 20th and everything free except the cup of tea and homemade cakes!  I WILL REPEAT THIS WITH SMALL MAP NEARER THE DATE.This is an old Blog but I think the view of the interior is so stunning it is worth repeating and we are hoping that  next year will see a repeat of this event - plans will be published early next year on this site and my website.
  Our other big fair (we seem to be growing fast in well-established and successful sites), is the American Museum who welcome us back after a year's absence while they restored the old Georgian estate buildings into two vast pavilions, equipped with everything needed for modern exhibitions and lecture halls.   Although we hardly need to blow our own trumpets - the fame of the Marilyn 20 dress collection has thrilled everyone, so I will just say that if you want to come with your friends, all for free, you must write to me with a SAE to get the printed invitation which will admit you and your party- otherwise full charges apply.  E.Baer, Church House, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LN.  Come early to both fairs if you want to see what we have got for you!

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