Sunday, 20 March 2011


A fine example of English gloves 1660-80 (sold for £3800)  Such a pretty pair!   Both my mother, my grandmother and I wore olain long white kid gloves for our weddings which had a slit at the wrist with tiny m.o.p. buttons to allow you to squeeze into the palms -they were frequently washed, leaving the soap in them without rinsing to keep them supple and then had to be stretched on special glove stretchers which had a scissor action and were poked down each finger to get the original shape back.  They were dusted with talcum or fine chalk inside and kept in fabric covered long boxes wrapped in tissue - you can still see lots of the old boxes very similar to those for fans  in French Brocante collections and they are very collectable with dainty patterns and ribbon bows - all for my lady's boudoir!

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