Tuesday, 19 April 2011


    I was very cheered and encouraged by the rows of nice things everyone has contributed to Linda Clift's piece on our new Talent for Textile Fair at Glastonbury.   Here lay the riches of the Abbey tithes, the harvests of the Abbey's rich lands.
 Get to   http://www.textile@lindaclift.co.uk/ Linda wrote a very generous approval of the site and produced, with the aid of her clever camera, a whole gallery of shots that give you the complete scene - much better than any wordy description, and then there are a host of notes of approval from many friends and dealers who are all backing it up to the hilt, telling everyone about it and distributing flyers by the dozen.   This is the way to get the crowds we need for such a big space and no amount of black and white expensive advertising will do it as well.  I have actually managed to get the news out to several thousand people in a news bulletin that goes to most villages at very reasonable cost as well as the Mendip Times, and hope that the readers and their friends will come along - it is still up to you, the readers and the stallholders who are attending, to get this new event known in the West and to build it up as we have with all our other Fairs.   The whole thing is free entry as usual;  fair, museum and grounds, so all you need to spend will be in the pretty little shop very much angled at the thousands of school children who visit the Somerset Rural Museum there, and maybe a cup of tea and home- made light refreshments in the cosy little cafe with garden seating, surrounded by a locally crafted willow fence,  (especially if you fancy going up the path from the farmyard to the famous Tor high on the hill above the farm).   Friday, May 20th is the date, open from 9 am to 4 pm and I advise getting there early for easy car parking and a good view of all the exciting and colourful textiles on display, with some interesting byegones, small antiques and brocante. There are 25 stands with dealers from all over the South West and this is the first ever antique fair in this wonderful 14C. timber and stone building which has a remarkabvle history but has not been  used before for events like ours. I will print a little map later early May.

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