Tuesday, 8 March 2011


  There seems to have been a lot of bad news and scandals in the papers and on the box - how about treating yourself to an entertaining day in a pleasant old building and joining a lot of like-minded people  to look at, enjoy, and possibly treat yourself to some interesting vintage textiles, costume and accesories for yourself and your home - Spring is the time to shake off all the gloom of cold dreary days and refresh yourself - (there is such a good cafe at the first fair of the year at Ilminster).   All our Fairs are part of the Talent for Textiles informal group and we are on our 51st  event  - there seem to be a lot of new Fairs in the West and this means that we are becoming a good destination for professional trade buyers and collectors.  Almost all the dealers who were with us for the first fairs are still with us at every fair and they are all experienced ladies who search for the best and can offer many top quality goods,  Trust us!  Look at the following list planned for this year and email me at  dbaer@onetel.com  if you would like invitations.  All our Fairs are free entry.  Click on print below for larger size.

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