Monday, 21 March 2011


       Stroud and the valleys around have always been a centre for textiles and there are miles of old mills along the roads and rivers nearby where many kinds of cloth were woven.  There was plenty of wool around and it was a flourishing industry till cheap imports and other fibers reduced demand.  The huge old buildings have been converted into many other businesses but Stroud itself has always kept up a big connection with textiles and fabric design and this forthcoming Fair in Bisley (4 miles out of the town) will have some of the top dealers in this country selling their own stock, after giving lectures at the World Tex. Festival which is going on in April. in the town.  Just to see and handle the rather wonderful and very rare clothing from  remote tribal areas of the near and far East is a worthwhile experience if you love pattern and colour and there will be some fascinating decorations and ethnic jewellery to admire and buy.  I will be there with two T4T colleagues and we will bring the best of our French and European stuff.

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  1. Oh, to live further South with all these lovely Textile Fairs taking place...
    The one at Glastonbury in the 14th century Tithe Barn sounds wonderful...what a location!
    Julie x