Friday, 25 March 2011

The Baer News

   The Baers are off again - this time for some serious buying in N.France at Douai and again right down South at what is called 'le Triple' 3 big trade fairs, one after the other, down in the Southern part.  Packing empty bags into an emprty car and putting our best buying boots on, we hope to find some worthwhile delights and bring them home to show at a long series of fairs here in the South West.  If you are not on our mailing list, and would like news and invitations, email me at  with you name and full postal address and I will send all details or you can look at  my Blog, BREAKING NEWS  which describes them all, http://www.elizabethbaertextiles.blogspot,com/   The TforT. Fairs (Talent for Textiles), all with free entry, are proud that they still have all the original sellers with them at every fair - have managed to keep up a very high standard of goods despite the rarity of some articles and have continued to offer a  helpful and friendly service to everyone interested in textiles and decoration.  We continue to grow with every fair and number many hundreds amongst our customers and supporters. The brochure above shows typical scenes.

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