Monday, 14 March 2011


Many of our visitors to the TALENT FOR TEXTILES fairs will have met Jen Jones and have seen her great displays of Welsh and other quilts.  She is the acknowledged expert in this field and writes books, lectures, and has now opened a quilt museum in Lampeter, Wales.  She has exhbited several times at the American Museum and will be with us at some of our summer fairs  This wonderful example of the finest needlework, and also a stunning pieced design, is to be seen in her forthcoming new exhibiton at Lampeter in the old Town Hall, and is from her own personal collection - I am always amazed that in a poor country and with little education, Welsh women had such exceptional skills and  designed such original and gorgeous patterns.  Jen has some stunning newly- worked designs coming in from Africa, which are based on her old quilts with many others that are for sale.  Telephone 01520 180610 for viewing.  Click on designs below to see the full beauty of the stitching.

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