Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Yarlington shopper

Sue Stokes shopping at the beautiful Yarlington House Textile Fair a few years ago.
Au revoir! If you come to Yarlington Fair, you will find this new dealer on the other side of the counter - this is Sue Stokes, antiques and vintage costume dealer, who will be plying her trade in the big blue tent outside with a load of newly sourced stuff from the flea markets of Paris!  Here she is carrying home vintage textiles from the last Yarlington Textile Fair run by Talent for Textiles, and now she is selling as well as buying.  Her stock is lots of artisanal clothing - work-wear to most of us, the indigos, les bleues de travail, blousons and jackets, and lots of creamy hand-woven linen shirts, smocks and outer wear, just now all are top fashion and sought after by the trendy!  She has a good eye for folk art and some interesting objects for cottage and farmhouse.   She trawls through the markets in France quite regularly and comes back loaded with French treasures in her little van rouge.  If you miss her, you can find her again at her little shop in West Street, Lacock, Wilts, open week-ends. Phone first, Mobile 07986 247501.
Sue Stokes Decorative Antiques, West Street, Lacock (close to The George) Open weekends.


  1. Oh, my goodness, the hedges, grass, and evergreens are gorgeous!
    Sue Stokes looks so perfectly dressed for the occasion.
    Do you see the fabulous red Louis type chare behind her in the second photo? I wish it were mine, I wish, I wish, I wish, smile.

  2. Looking forward to meeting the lovely Sue again on Friday! Lizzie