Thursday, 10 May 2012


  IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY NOTICED,  the annual plague of clothes moths is with us - those little creamy silky bugs that do such horrific damage to our precious clothes and textiles - the larvae emerge from the little grey cases tucked in the folds and eat a good breakfast of the most precious furs, cashmeres and jerseys, as well as tweeds, gent's suits, felt hats and anything else with wool in it.  They flutter around, lay eggs and cause horrific damage, so be on your guard.  Chemists and hardware stores have remedies and you want to get them in place before the damage happens - it can be really serious and rugs, carpets and blankets will suffer.  They have hatched out early this year and already there are tales of woe, even museums report bad infestations.  One of the most successful remedies is a little paper moth trap with a piece of sticky card which is loaded with male moth pheremone - the females are instantly attracted to this and come to a sticky end.  It really works!

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  1. have to confess I store my cashmeres in the freezer- just thaw and wear!