Sunday, 6 May 2012


   I did not expect to see an old French peasant's shirt in the august pages of the Financial Times - but of course it has been given a new twist, and is featured as elegant 'artisan couture'  It is available new, in robust Irish linen with some fine details and costs a bit as it is a 'couture' version of the work-wear clothing of the late 19th C.  I hope it will have great success as it is a timeless garment, wearable for most occasions and very practical in that it is completely washable and will fit most sizes.   I have been selling the coarse linen and hemp originals for 25 years and they have always been attractive work-wear for potters, artists, cooks, sculptors, and gardeners, also worn by people in hot climates keeping the sun off them(the long sleeves are good for this) and for special things like safari-wear in Africa and post-bathing wear in India.  These new ones are meticulously hand cut and hand-sewn and a most attractive and practical addition to any wardrobe, and are available exclusively from Brown's of  South Moulton Street, Mayfair.  The make is 'Jenny M.'


  1. Oh, I do think I would prefer your authentic classic version to the Brown's version now proclaimed as fashionable.

    Are they still available?

  2. Yes, the original shirt smocks are available from time to time - once piled up by the dozen, dirty and crumpled, in black plastic sacks for a few francs each, they are now running out or have often been burnt, alas, and those in the know charge a great deal. I buy them whenever I see good lots but have to be careful as many have too narrow arms for Brits and worn collars and cuffs are not very saleable, however cheap. Elizabeth