Wednesday, 16 May 2012

dropping names and shopping

Polly Lyster in an Indigo mood                    Dorothy Reglar of Cirencester, working with weavers and dyers in S.W. Asia

Katrin Cargill launches indigo dyed hemp from Polly
and indigo striped sackcloth from Elizabeth
A new look for old fabrics.
Recently I listed in BLOG 'Dropping Names' some of our friends in the decorating world whom we know through our textile fairs, Talent for Textiles, and who have made a good name for themselves; so it was no surprise to see two of them in the press this week.  Do you know them?  They were once 'up and coming' and now they have arrived!  Both enjoy country life in old houses with their families and have a keen talent for spotting what will be the next wish-list for decorating and are clever enough to produce it using their own talents and skills.   Polly Lyster's (in this month's SELVEDGE Mag) dyed linens and hemps have been seen in the grandest country houses here and in the USA, and they have many uses;  bed linen, table linen, curtains and clothing and Vanessa Arbuthnott (this month's COUNTRY LIFE) makes and covers her own-make lovely chairs, sofas, as well as designing all the fabrics with a rustic accent for cushions, curtains and all soft furnishing.   I sing their praises because I think it is great when young women start their highly individual careers while still looking after their children and home, and keep the original inspiration which shines through all their designs till they emerge as confident and successful with their very own style and with a great range of products.  I think Mary Portas would approve - be British! Buy British!

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