Friday, 18 May 2012


 BROWN AND WHITE is an interesting antique centre run by two friends of mine who have been in the business for many years.  They have lots of really useful and attractive things, furniture, decorations, textiles and quirky bits.   They have young families themselves and so know what their clients need to start afresh, or complete,  family homes in sensible and economic ways.  They are fans of French Brocante, very good at soft furnishing for chairs and sofas and beds and their enthusiasm and know-how are great assets.  I can heartily recommend them.   If you do not know Tetbury in Glos. and you enjoy scouring antique shops, travel no further, as you will find dozens of antique shops, antique centres at all levels along Long Street, (though no longer any real junk shops!)plenty of places to eat and drink and the pleasure of buying some of Prince Charles' (who has his country house nearby) smart presents and products complete with his armorials.

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  1. I've popped in a few times. It's wonderful that there are still antique shops out there with some genuinely brilliant pieces in store. I'm more fond of visiting auctions of late but I still enjoy the odd cruise through an antique's store for some interesting furniture.