Tuesday, 1 May 2012


-    I have recently listed some of my star quality designers and decorators, whom I have watched grow into well known businesses, all through their own skills and hard work.   I have already featured four of them who all turned up in magazine articles this month and, purely by chance, I have just got the glamorous catalogue of Kate Forman today in the post.  It is glossy as ever, full of pretty tempting and useful ideas, and there is now an exciting new 'department' of elegant painted furniture ranging from dining tables to beds and wardrobes, and all the smaller pieces and accessories to give that je ne sais quoi  of French 19th C designs.    I first met Kate when she found her first few textile designs (all rosy and romantic) at our T4T fairs and she now has an international reputation.  Visit her London shop at Clarendon Cross. 0207 727 3777 or her showroom nr. Alresford, Hants. 01962 732244.   I had a note from her this week, recalling her early days - good luck to her!

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