Saturday, 17 May 2014


       I'VE JUST OPENED THE DOOR OF MY DRAWING ROOM (NOT USED FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS) and met a couple of moths flitting about.   On closer search, to my horror, have found a major infestation in and down the sides of my precious Biedermeir settee covered in old silk and alpacca  velvet  with lots of beautiful old canvaswork (wool) borders - eggs, larvae and emerging little silken clothes moths, leaving behind horrid little scars and chewed remainders. - probably about a hundred little brutes flew up and I have sent off for a major disposal kit from  the website  PEST CONTROL SUPERMARKET, daughter recommended, as you can fumigate the whole room and cope with major infestation.  She dealt with a bad case last year!  It is really quite tragic to lose  treasured textiles, and wool, silk and anything like cashmere are at major risk.   The very mild winter is probably to blame but I think I should have checked earlier in the year - late April.

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