Wednesday, 7 May 2014


A beautiful fine linen sheet with hand embroidery and hand-made filet lace. The Princess' crown is very finely worked.
There is also a fine linen Oxford pillowcase with just a slightly larger crown. POA.
   Loveday James' stand is a joy to behold - all is immaculate and perfectly presented.  No wonder her textile accessories, silk scarves, lacy shawls and hankies make excellent presents for weddings, Christmas and birthdays!    Her linens are equally superior, lovely bedspreads, embroidered sheets and hand towels, and every kind of table linen, all in  fine linen, personally washed and ironed by her expert hands.  She lives in  Devon and brings a new collection of finery to all the fairs, especially our TforT ones!  Her fashion items can include 20s, 30s gowns, beaded and embroidered, fine blouses and underwear, smart bags and gloves, and they are always in good taste and condition - so if you have a summer party, try her! She attends our Rag Market in Bradford on Avon on Sunday June 15th. 9 - 3pm

   Cally Troup   I can hardly describe Cally's stock, as every time she comes to a fair it is original and different!   She is a charming artist with very original ideas and a gift for designing new and useful accessories which bring fun and colour to their owners.  Cally is an expert dyer and weaver/needlewoman and creates textile adornments like plaited alice bands for hair-dressing;  pencils and pens are transformed into rainbow coloured gadgets, and sometimes there are skirts of denim with wondrous new trimmings and borders.    Sometimes there are lampshades, and I really have no idea what her latest widgets are, but am looking forward to her array in June at our Rag Market
My personal collection of 'Cally' creations, much worn!  Perfect for fly-away hair-do's. Tiny shells have been added to the pale blue band as I once told her how much I loved them!   These stand up to careful washing and the colours do not run!  Perfect!

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