Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The last call Curtains

  I am clearing the last of my big curtains, mostly from large windows and in big sets, and I am reducing the prices so that you can make huge savings -  When I look at the new prices of current designer curtains, I am quite shocked and wonder how people manage to have the best or do they have to compromise all the time? My prices are the lowest possible - these top quality curtains have all but disappeared from the market.
 Here are two, now three, examples:.
 The first is a set of three to cover
windows 12' wide in all in a fresh sort of wild flower mix
in yellow, orange,green and blue, some sun damage on leading edges (about 3")
10' drop, plus a fantastic pelmet with double frilled edging all finished with
 orange scallop embroidery shown in picture.
 New York, £175.for 3,  one curtain has lost its lining but easily replaced.

Another other set for one window is a chintz by Beaudesert, 9'10drop  X  4'10 head, pr., hand blocked in soft pinks, lilies and grey/green foliage bouquets. £  The base is shaped so it can fall in decorative folds from a bracket for tie backs.  Beaudesert is famous for its classic designs and hand printed chintzes (v.expensive.) I have managed to hang them up this week!  I can't climb high ladders any more so had to wait for help.

Both lots are lined and interlined and hang really well
with lots of hand sewing, weights, etc., top quality!

The third lot are a really lovely lot of two pairs of lined and interlined French chateau curtains
each 10ft drop X  3'4" head
in a striped tapestry weave of pink and cream silk/linen mix, with woven flower borders, all in really excellent order except that the leading edges need new bobble or fringe braid to finish them off.  There is a fifth curtain which is the ciel de lit for a corona above the bed with little rings to hang it, there is also a deep pelmet and some remainder pieces for small drapes, etc.   The heads of the curtains are very attractive, goblet pleats bound by a thick silk knotted rope all across the top. These are best silk/linen mix 1880 curtains.
Price £850 the lot.  I would choose these myself for a really pretty room with good furniture.
Goblet pleats with cord trim at heading
Set of 2 pairs long curtains,  and a ciel de lit and pelmet, plus extra drapery,  French late 19C. silk linen mix, excellent condition A 10ft drop is extremely long for curtains - most are about 9'

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