Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Fair Ladies of Franglais

Lavender crop in Provence, France
Linda Clift and Liz Drake combine talents in Franglais and are a great team.   Their combined, interesting, stock has made a great contribution to our fairs because they cover such a wide collection of textiles and have so much knowledge.  Ask them about sewing, quilting, knitting, embroidery, all kinds of needlework and a huge range of interesting fabrics and remnants for making up, and they will show you a bundle!  They produce clever garments , historic costume in good repair, ideas for decorating beds, chairs and windows, and their business, Franglais, combines traditional English stuffs with up- market French linens and a few peasant garments for good measure!  Haberdashery, French and English, is there by the tray-load, and buttons galore, all well displayed and with plenty of help on how to use it all.  Contact them at our forthcoming Rag Market at Bradford on Avon in their large gazebo beside the Masonic Hall in
                                                                                              Bradford on Avon, Church St.  They do speak                                                                                               English!    Email;

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