Sunday, 30 September 2012

Molleton, a soft Touch

   Molletons are wonderfully soft, thick, flannelette summer blankets made from about 1910 in France. They are white and have broad bands of red woven into each end or a group of several finer lines, with a fine, knotted cotton fringe, and very often they have initials and numbers woven into the fabric. They were very much part of the dowry of well-off girls and were used as summer blankets, to pull up when the days were hot and the nights were cooler. I have used these in many ways and so have my clients. Ideal, because so washable, for children, they are so cosy. Cut up, they are good for bathroom chairs and seats, I have used some to line curtains so that the stripes show through the window and you could make lovely dressing gowns or bed jackets with them. I sometimes find them in the back of lorries at Fairs, wrapping furniture just like our removal men use old army blankets! Exclusive and innovative, I think. I just love finding new uses for these attractive old pieces, such as cushions on Lloyd Loom chairs in a nursery or bathroom.Sadly some of the bright red stripes are faded to nothing where bleach has been used, but they are still very useful and cheap to use as underblankets or cot blankets as the material is very thick and cosy and I am currently using one to interline some curtains to make them warm and draughtproof.  No more in the pipeline!

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