Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cellars and Sellers

    A busy Autumn!   Our T4T fair at Bradford on Avon hit a lovely sunny day and we had a big crowd of friends with us and quite a few extra visitors as well.  The lure of free entry always works and our regular buyers bring them along for a look around and a good sociable lunch on our sunny terraces.   My cellars were open with a very mixed selection of ends of lines, remnants, etc. and we worked hard to look after everyone, many of whom came back for a final sort through my remaining stock and shop fittings.  Many knew that I am retiring from active dealing and running the TforT fairs and it was good to hear their nice and flattering comments - many made new textile contacts round the lunch tables with tasty food supplied by the Fat Fowl, our nearest Restaurant in the town - and jolly good too! So altogether a very good day for us all!
  Sellers !  You may be interested to know that next month I shall be giving details of a large Rag Market event I shall hold in the same venues for a final clear out,  asking everyone on the mailing list if they would like to join our trade sellers and get rid of surplus textiles themselves and turn them into cash.   Places will be limited to about 30, all details will follow next month;  you should then apply with brief details of your goods to sell.  Many people have inherited good linen, for instance, which they are keen to sell - ideal!  Good vintage 20s 30s clothing, even better! quilts, eiderdowns, first class!  Needlework, tapestries, samplers, very saleable!  Buttons, needlework tools, beads and accessories, all very collectable!
I know that there will be a big demand for the places and I will try and get as good a spread and variety as I can for the benefit of the visitors whom I expect to arrive in big numbers after my newsletter next month, repeated in late Spring.

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  1. So sorry to have missed coming to your sale last month. We were enjoying a weekend in France before the weather changes! Liz