Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Got it all taped

Shopping bag with linen applique

  I have several of these tapes in large rolls and they are so good for apron strings, loops for tea towels. Applied to a plain linen base they look very smart decorating aprons, table mats, tote bags.  You may remember the super quality linen sleeping bag liners I was selling last year (as used by me above) and which all sold in a flash!
  I bought  many similar small notions from a good friend in France who used to buy up  the stock from long-closed little mercerie shops and she stored it all in the original boxes, with lids on, in great piles in a dirty old shed. I had to climb a step ladder to get at them and gingerly lift the lids to view the contents which were always fascinating;  feathers and flowers for hats, hair,  soutache cord, corset laces, boot buttons and much more. And then one day she told me that there had been a terrible fire and she lost everything and closed her business;     oh! how I miss those trifles!  Some of them will be on sale at my clearance fair next May 20th, 2013, if you can wait. Check details on latest Blog:  STOP PRESS FUTURE FAIRS as usual. or Email www.dbaer@onetel.com.
French linen tapes with many uses.


  1. Hi Elizabeth. Out of curiosity, how much are you selling your tapes for? They could be great for stamping with my logo and using to tie bundles of my painted fabric.

  2. Hi Melissa, They are all different lengths, some are cream and narrow others are biscuit and a little wider and in a herrinbone weave - would you like mke to send you some samples - They work out at about £2 yard - regards Elizabeth