Sunday, 16 September 2012


For Pilgrim!  Yes I have lots of bags as I make them up as I gather the remnants from cushion making, etc.  they are nearly all indigo/woad blue and natural linen, usually early 19c. occasionally 18th, and lined with vintage checks and stripes from late 19C or from the 20s, often a bit shabby but tidying up all the seams of the fronts and giving extra strength for constant use and heavy bottles!  The handles are also double fabric strong and 'handy'.and I machine the seams with very strong thread.  Prices are £20 or £25 depending on rarity of fabrics used and the sizes are medium to large.  I must have sold dozens in the past ten years and lots of people try to copy but don't have access to the rarer patterns and weaves.   A very smart (English) client who lives in N.Y., 5th Avenue, told me she was in the lift sorry, elevator,  with Lauren (R.) who admired her shopping tote and she said to him 'I am so lucky to have the original fabrics, which of course you have copied with your American names like Martha, etc'  I will try and photo a group for you to see - each one is different and unique to me!  Sede BAGS OF BAGS previous Blog


  1. Thanks for more information.
    Would it be possible for you give me the sizes and I look forward to seeing the photographs.
    Also did you see my blog about the shells I bought at auction that were from a button factory in Picardy.
    They are wonderful.


  2. How I enjoyed your telling of the conversation in the elevator. Yes, original fabrics can never, never be bested by any copyists!

    I also very much enjoyed reading your previous post about the pearly buttons. Original buttons can also never be copied.

    Best wishes from New York.

  3. That sounds so neat! Would love to see what these look like.