Wednesday, 11 June 2014


THE RAG MARKET, BRADFORD ON  AVON.   5 Days to go and the competition and race starts up - to get the best, the bargains, and perhaps that wonderful moment when you see something so unexpected, and so wanted, that you just have to grab the opportunity!   With twenty five dealers all showing their best, and maybe their worst as well, because this is a 'turn-out' occasion, turning-out surplus has-beens, from the back of their cupboards and stores.  I also hope it will be a good turnout of visitors, mostly long term friends of Talent for Textiles,  announcing they are coming early to join the band-wagon, bringing their largest shopping bags and, I hope, their fullest purses, to have a good time together, and to exchange news and views over Ginny's wonderful snacks and her divine summer meringues!  Enjoy on our terrace!
  TICKINGS AND PICKINGS:    Highlights will be a big choice of specialist continental tickings, piles of fine French linens for beds and table settings,  top designer Italian couture clothes, new elegant tailored Chinese high fashion, Victorian children's costume collection in the Victorian wine vaults of my house, entrance on Church St., also there fine Brocante decorative furnishings for final touches, and in the main Mason's Hall, yards and yards of top designer fabrics, left-overs from high-end decorating jobs.  Entrance is free, 9a.m. to 3p.m.  full details top of this page.
Happy Shopping !  (Above addresses/phone nos. out of date!)
                         See title (top of this page above) for correct details. ~~Thank you.



  1. So wish I could make this! Maybe next year. Hope everyone has a fun and successful day!
    Gill xx

  2. So sorry I won't make it this time, Buff, but I wish you and everyone a lovely, sunny and successful day. Hope to see you soon, though.
    Sue (Meager)