Thursday, 19 June 2014


The model I copied in Flemish linen
Flemish natural fine linen lining for French Army sleeping bags
  Birds?  Well, anyway I didn't hear anything but the screech of parrakeets on the Tenerife Island where we spent long winter holidays.   But I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the Costa de Silencio and some good Belgian cuisine in the attractive restaurant below our cool appartment there.  I was with my husband and a favourite companion, Lervia, my robust and compact little sewing machine who often travels with me and I have fun playing with her and odd bits and bobs of fabrics, making the most of left-overs.  She was an amazing bargain at Lidl store, only £29, a few years ago!  (Now over £70).  With just one of the many Flemish fine linen linings for French army sleeping bags which I was selling last year, I decided to make as many useful things as possible - using dressmaker's scissors, strong upholstery thread, a dozen pins, a few ''jeans machine sewing needles and a couple of reels of old linen tape and I came up with the following in fashionable taupe shade, with the odd cream trim;  3 different aprons, chef, housework and gardening; cutlery pouch, travel wallets,  shopping tote, travel cushion, hottie cover, covered  clothes hangers and half a dozen needle cases, and a pair of elbow protectors for my husband's cashmere cardigan!  and I have just a handful of scraps left over.  I rather overworked my little machine expecting it to cope with six layers of fabric but it survived with a few broken needles.  In case you are a make-do and mend sort of person, here is the finished result of my unskilled labours.

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