Monday, 16 June 2014


My portrait in SAGA, Little Old Lady mode!
   Yes, the sun shone, the stalls looked stunning with a huge variety of well-chosen stock and our friends and customers turned up in continuous walk-about that encompassed the three different sites for stands.  The choice was so good and the prices seemed very fair and I think our customers were well pleased with their purchases and were then able to sit and enjoy the sunny terrace where tea, coffee, Ginny's wonderful meringues dripping with fruity sauce were, as always, the biggest treat.  Personally I had such a good time seeing so many old friends who have supported us for 20 years or more, still collecting and still interested,  and I lost a good many 'old friends' in my stock to them.   People do now go for unusual textiles and the recent spread of Indian, Turkish and Eastern tribal-made costume has given us the chance to appreciate and maybe wear hand-made prints, beaded accessories and to decorate with exotic prints and colours.  To me, it is highly pleasing that our now well-established T4T textile Fairs in the West Country have helped to spread knowledge and appreciation of other cultures, both historic and contemporary.
    Please continue  to send in names and and new  Email addresses for yourself and friends  to  so we can keep the ball rolling AND YOU WILL FIND ALL DETAILS OF FUTURE FAIRS ON THAT WEBSITE.  I am now almost retired but always there for you for help and advice, and my showroom is open by appointment for the last lovely bargains almost any time! at  or phone 01225 866 136

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