Friday, 18 April 2014


A lavender sachet with my initials.

Interwoven ribbons cover a bag of lavender

A scented cover for clothes and travel

Tidying up my clothes drawers today, I came across these three objects that have been there since first given to me - and I thought they might inspire someone to make something similar - to sell or to give.
The pink cloth , flanelette, with scallops all round, simple zig-zagged edges, is labelled with a ribbon that says idole, a scent which impregnated the cloth for many years. It was a wedding present to me 65 years ago from a friend in Paris and it was to cover and scent silk underwear in the top drawer! It was also similar to other pretty cloths used to discreetly cover underwear when undressing for bed in those modesty moments of pre-war ladies' life! Also used to cover the contents of travelling suitcases very neatly, in the days when there were ladies' maids to unpack visitors' clothes and hang them up to remove any creases.
The big sachet is full of lavender and was made by my granddaughter with two shades of satin ribbon interwoven with narrow lace border - still keeping the moths at bay, and the third tiny cushion is also full of lavender and my entwined initials (antique French) in the finest stitching give me great pleasure - a gift from an old friend, Polly Lyster, who made up the sachet for me.  Lavender is supposed to deal with the clothes moth but I do not think it very effective and put my faith in the latest pheremone sticky cards which were brilliant last year when there was a big invasion.  It's time to get ready now for the next one!

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