Saturday, 12 April 2014


    Have you ever thought it might be fun, and interesting too, to write an occasional or regular BLOG.  Well, there is a good opportunity to learn about how to start out and capture your audience.  I have long been a fan of the Gentle Author who writes a brilliant daily (yes, really, has never missed one)Blog about the Spitalfields area of London and the old days in the Cockney world nearby.  Everyday there are  batches of pro. snapshots of streets, institutions and people and I have found them fascinating, as does my husband who used to work in the City.     The Gentle Author, who is extremely fluent and erudite will show you how to go about your own Blog and you can contact him by Email.  He is holding classes ( on two days in May) in London and I know they will be extremely popular.  Blogs are free c/o Google.
On the road! Fairground figures.
      . Email   Have a look at his past Blogs and if you love London, you will be amazed at the varied histories and characters of the different streets, the churches, the monuments, the pubs, which will speak to you of their chequered fortunes and connect up with their historic past.  Immigration, poverty, skills, cafes, little shops are all dealt with and the studies of the faces and clothes of the families living there are a rich tapestry.    PERSONALLY I HAVE FOUND WRITING A VERY INFORMAL BLOG ABOUT MY FRENCH TEXTILE BUSINESS AND SOME OF THE ADVENTURES ON THE WAY, HAS BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES OF THE MANY GOOD TIMES WE HAVE SHARED IN OUR LONG MARRIED LIFE TOGETHER, JUST ON 66 YEARS NOW!

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  1. Yes, I completely agree with your praise of the Gentle Author, and also of the joys that joining the blogging world can give.

    (I am fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting the Gentle Author who has done much to contribute to the continued spirit of Spitalfields. Much can arise from a keyboard.)