Sunday, 27 April 2014


What is worth buying when you get into the French supermarkets? Columbian real coffee and Decaff are cheaper and better, we think; cheese of course is in prime condition for transport - our long time favourite is CHAOURCE a delicious creamy soft cheese which keeps up to 3 months in the 'fridge but is edible after a day out in 'the open'; the local tomatoes seem to have more flavour than the hard-skinned varieties over here, the white nectarines are more than delicious, and melons are a must in season. Shoes, trainers and sandals and sun hats are in great variety and a bit different. Maps and hotel guides are obviously cheaper and we are slaves to the Rough Guides for choosing modest restaurants and simple hotels that do not let you down. The wine is a bit cheaper and the selection much greater and we now only buy the boxes of wine which you get in two sizes - the wine keeps well for a couple of months and it is very nice having it 'on tap' for a glass with each main meal and this works out just amazingly cheap - we usually go for Cotes de Rhone or Bordeaux and think them most drinkable, and good enough to share with guests for a simple sort of meal in the garden or kitchen!

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  1. I wanted to say thank you for your wonderfully onformative and inyeresting posts. Always a pleasure to read.