Wednesday, 9 April 2014


     For new readers of my Blog, I am taking this space to introduce some of the many textile traders who have attended our Fairs, some more than forty times.   Thanks to their support,  the informal fair group, Talents for Textiles,  has flourished, growing into fairs that attract several hundred visitors and providing a very necessary outlet for all the skilled and dedicated traders who almost all work from home and find it quite difficult to contact new buyers.   Advertising is very costly and the big trade fairs are too expensive; also it is extremely difficult to display large items of household linen, curtains and other decorations on a small stand, with the extra problems of poor lighting and  lots of dust!   The fact that all the original dealers of the first few fairs are still with us and have hardly ever missed one fair just shows how hard-working and dedicated they are.  They have connected with many good  clients and business is done in a very friendly atmosphere.  Below are some of the original stallholders still with us.
                                                  Liz, Rosie,Caroline,Polly, Linda, Loveday
Members of the Talents for Textiles team 1990s

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