Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Some of our well-known dealers in a happy mood at a Bradford on Avon Fair
     New babies, new  pandas,  new website all in the news and Talent for Textiles is well to the fore!  Click on the new Website   Caroline Bushell and Linda Clift have just launched their new baby website on the Internet and this will be a source of news and views of interest to all needlewomen, decorators and fashionistas who like to know what is current, available and newsworthy.  From a modest beginning with the programme of fairs for the remainder of this year, descriptions of the two editors, and some interesting scans of stalls at recent fairs, the Website will show that this is a growing baby which will add new features and sections by popular demand and it will be lively, active and appealing, like the dealers themselves and their carefully selected goods!  Do add the website to your favourites list for quick reference.
Why not welcome the two editors?  Caroline Bushell and Linda Clift will be glad to have all contributions, suggestions and comments;  all of us at TforT work to make our fairs and contacts as helpful and friendly as possible and none of us draw a regular salary - and our fairs are still free (all except Deans Court, Wimborne). 

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