Sunday, 11 August 2013


I've just opened the latest (Sept) issue of Homes and Antiques and found interesting news about two people well-known to Talent for Textiles Fairs - first, the all-over -the-place but highly organised Liz van Hasselt who almost always has a stall with us with an amazing choice of high and low items for sale - she and her husband seem to be able to sort their vast stock into just the right categories for each fair they visit and recently I suggested to a film wardrobe lady that she imight find what she was looking for, shabby early 20c. childrens clothing, with Liz, and sure enough I had a message to say the two had met soon after and a good deal was done.  Liz has a very sound and extensive knowledge of all textiles and works for a local auction house advising and calaloguing their entries,  so she knows what she is talking about!

  The name of  Vanessa Arbuthnott is now well known and her new collection of country-themed fabrics is about to be released called Bohemian and for anyone loving sheep and the now popular shepherd's huts, these have been themed in a Toile de Jouy type design.   If you have one as a studio, children's playroom, studio or B. and B., it would be fun to dress it with this.  I first met Vanessa at a nearby decorative fair at Rode and was very impressed with her first chicken feather and egg designs as seen through her kitchen door,  and she has now come a long way from those early efforts, but her designs still have that fresh air look, and have become very popular.
  The magazine is rather useful, I find, as it gives auction results for lots of different antiques at different levels and also information on what to look for.  Details of Antique fairs are also included and the collections shown are very informative and there is not too much 'museum' stuff which is not of interest to most of us, although this issue does list jewellery from Elizabeth Taylor, the Duchess of Windsor and a dress from Princess Diana!
        Vanessa Arbuthnott in her garden 

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