Monday, 26 August 2013


   Keeping W.P.B's clean and pristine is quite easy if you have a few large manilla or cream envelopes handy. Just put several on a table  on top of each other,  then the W.P.B.,and draw round the base.  Then cut all together with scissors just inside the pencil line and place a little pile in the bottom of your tin - peel off as they get dirty. 
   Line your drawers with lining paper or remnants of the room wallpaper, you can then remove the sheet and shake out any dust, fluff and insects that may have got in, and put back with a lavender bag as well to deter other flying visitors.  May to July are the months when the clothes moths are on the rampage and lay their eggs, so get ahead of the invasion which can cause much damage and distress.  The new sticky pheremone cards are brilliant for catching them on the hop and you can hang them amongst your clothes, pop into drawers or place under beds. which are a favourite hiding place.  I am told they hibernate in chimneys so not much chance of catching them there! The last two winters did not destroy enough of these pests and they can be a real menace as they chew their way through favourite and valuable woolly treasures - paisley shawls, flannel underwear, cashmere knitwear, felt hats are all vulnerable. so roll out the deterrents. Moth balls are back in the shops having been off sale for a few years.This Paisley shawl was bought by my Welsh grandmother on a trip to Egypt and the Holy Land in late 19c.with her clergyman husband/

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