Friday, 2 August 2013



    I have mentioned the name of Mel White several times, originator of the Fairlyte mural paintings in Elizabethan style, restorer of existing work and winner of prizes for her original work in decorative fabrics and wallpapers for Zoffany Ltd., London.  I have always regarded her as specially gifted and original with unstoppable energy and determination to get on in her particular field.
   I am delighted to say that she has achieved the zenith of commissions, having been selected from a small number of artists, to decorate the summer pavilion in Buckingham Palace Gardens.  She has described to me her plans, techniques and problems in great detail giving a vivid account of the pressures of working to a deadline, and the time needed to design the framework for the project.  Then there are the details of the themes that run through the design, the research on the original pictures of the landscape she depicts, and many references to the other features you can discover in the excellent reproductions of the completed work    I always hope that Talent for Textiles can offer praise and support for young people who are so gifted and who can inspire others to try harder!
Melissa White, hand painted interiors: Email.   

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