Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Trim Outline

I show examples of my present stock of trims from old French haberdashery counters. The choice, pre-war, was wonderful and very inspiring for the keen needlewoman. The little Breton children are printed on silk, the daisy ribbon is woven and the pretty border pattern in blue and pink is part of a short remnant (what I call 'boudoir' style circa 1900).
The red trims are first, a blue/red machine embroidered ribbon for petticoat frills (this can be dated by the design which includes little circles which were difficult to achieve mechanically till the mid 19c )I have had huge lengths like this all in slightly different stitches. It was used by one of my clients to decorate lamps and cushions in a big Swiss chalet build. Then, two versions of open weave red and white fringes in glossy cotton, which I myself have often used to trim little down pillows and bed cushions with white pique covers.  Regret now all SOLD but always worth looking out for at the brocantes, often attached to ragged remnants of cushions, curtains and clothes.

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