Tuesday, 15 January 2013


This Blog was written some time ago when I was back from French buying/holiday trip - covering most of Brittany in my search for fine linen for a special new client and also for the roughest possible, sack-like hemp sheets to replace depleted stocks - it's so odd, when I first started buying the rough old mattress covers, sheets and old farm sacks, for upholstering early oak and walnut furniture, and then later, some of those comfy Napoleon III easy chairs known as chauffeuses (fireside), some of my customers were slightly shocked that I was using old farmhouse materials - a far cry from the elegant silks and satins associated with the rich and luxurious furnishings and trimmings of the late 19c.    It turned out that these covers sat comfortably with old and contemporary styles and were practical, hard-wearing and easy to clean.    Katrin Cargill, well known decorator and author of many good books on 'how to' was the first to feature the rustic look 'smart casual'? in a good magazine and with some dyed indigo sheets from Polly Lyster, it was launched and then often copied. From little acorns.... Add Image

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