Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tickings and Case Covers

Having been re-named Mrs. Ticking by some of my old clients, I am showing a few more examples of these useful and hardwearing cloths. The red and blue striped examples were made up as 'case covers' to cover valuable silk, velvet and embroidered chairs in the 19th C. in France, shut up for a season, and the fine colours and delicate fabrics needing protection from the strong sun, from pests like flies and mice as well as dirt and dust. These two patterns were used traditionally and are very charming and useful for making up into accessories, cushions, and trimming stuff. The fine herringbone stripe weave does not show up in the photo but adds to the strength and distinctive look of the fabric. The chair covers were made to fit loosely, sometimes with a few buttons or ties down the back, and seams were strengthened with a matching red or blue tape - the white ticking also shown is a baby's cot lining with a little frill all around, crisp and clean

This cloth makes a lovely crisp backing for cushions

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