Thursday, 24 January 2013


   When I first bought old French curtains from the brocantes, I was pleased to find that the large and elegant sets with beautifully designed borders and tie-backs were just right for my shabby old house near Bath.  Other people, newly moved to the area and finding the cost of new was exorbitant, admired them and asked me to help find more. So a new outlet for my small business!  The curtains often appeared to have been literally ripped off the walls - they were complete with pelmets, curtain hooks, rings, tie backs and poles.  I now have a large pile of surplus fittings available for anyone wanting period curtain accessories and I show here a collection of period hardwood turned and carved pole finials, discs and knobs. and a group of high quality metal rings, brass and heavy bronze.  In addition I have a good set of 6 ormulu tie backs (rather grand) and some poles and  brackets.  I am clearing all at very modest prices. Contact me at   all can be seen near Bath.

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