Friday, 3 August 2012

Cushions and Bolsters

  Many of the old tickings I gathered in France were
 damaged and so I used the good parts to make a great many cushions and bolsters, also lots of 'Patchbags'. I tried to make every one different and discovered that with stripes it was easy to do this. I invented new names for the designs and the most popular was the 'Pinwheel' cushion fashioned from triangles and mitred seams. I did sofa bolsters and made endless geometric patterns for the ends - all filled with new curled duck feathers and fitted with zips, hidden under the piping, for easy cleaning. Ticking is ideal for this work as it is strong, completely down proof and washable. Some of mine went to the US, (without their pad fillings, to save space), and lots like those in the picture, went to Spain to one of the Royal palaces for a garden room.  The stripes were actually waste materials from the cutting room of a good friend who dyed French linen and hemp sheets and then made simple shirts, jackets and skirts for sale.  Since then she has made up dozens of bags of assorted pieces which are eagerly bought by the many patchwork quilting people.    Try Polly Lyster at the next TforT Fair (Ilminster).   I only mention this to show that economy (i.e. using waste and surplus stuff) can inspire new and original designs which no-on else can copy and are all the more wanted for that very reason.  Interior designers are always on the look-out for something like these cushions and obviously there is no fixed price for such things and they can make a reasonable profit!  A lot of  people disparage interior designers, but they can often save you a lot of time and they have good sources for all the little details that make a properly finished result.  You can use as much or as little of their skills and advice as you want and they can make a very pleasant and helpful partnership with you, for any project that you find a bit awesome and difficult.

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