Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Caught in the Act

Not by a blackbird, but by a cheeky photographer who hid behind a sheet while I was hanging up the washing in my garden - My line stretched between two trees and I had to have three line props to lift the big sheets above the grass and I could dry eight double sheets at a time. Wet linen and hemp sheets are extremely heavy so I was getting plenty of exercise - a good idea after eating a lot of lovely French meals collecting my 'laundry' from the old sheds and barns over there. When the wind blew and they all billowed out, it reminded me that a lot of linen and hemp in France was used for making sails and ropes and canvas for the old ships on the coast, as well as fishing nets. The bright blue sardine catching nets make lovely decoration on whitewashed walls in your Breton cottage!


  1. The photograph of your sails on the line is beautiful. I can imagine the breeze!

    It is such a pleasure to read these posts.

  2. Looks like a serious washing line! Linda