Monday, 30 July 2012


  During the '70s I went to two 3 month courses on special paint finishes, taught by Leonard Pardon in a studio behind Knightsbridge.   I was very keen on painted and decorative furniture and thought it would be interesting to study the genre.   I have kept the kit ever since and it is time to pass it on - it is very complete with about 20 special brushes of all sizes - some are sable, camel, badger, and so on.  There is also a big set of metal combs for graining in a metal sleeve and a Faber Castell drawing set for plans and diagrams (unused!), lots of paints probably too dry for use now, not forgetting the invaluable white goose feathers!    There is a large file of pictures, recipes and notes from other special effect experts.  I remember the brushes were very expensive, so we had to take particular care in keeping them clean, soft and supple.  I will sell the lot (a biggish box-full) for £35.  Seen and collected near Bath.  Contact E.Baer 01225 866 136 (eves) or  The kit is now SOLD

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  1. Oh Buffy how wonderful , if you still have it please keep it for me xxx Linda