Friday, 17 August 2012

Curtain workshop clearance

  When I first bought old curtains in France for my new home near Bath, I often bought them complete with all the fittings, usually brass or ormulu, but also often good hardwood carved stuff, together with the pelmet boards and wall brackets.
   Pelmets are not very popular just now, they are a bit dusty and often too formal for contemporary decorating.  So over the years I have gathered several boxes full of surplus fittings which I sell as complete sets or singly to match up with existing ones.   Most people want simple brass or wood rails and rings and I have quite a useful selection of these, ranging from elaborate bronze and ormulu  patterned rings, all sizes and in larger numbers, from pearl button size for finest muslin to massive mahogany and heavy bronze, and an assortment of runners, hooks, clamp hooks, safety pin type hooks, unused Rufflette tapes and double rings for the pull cords, as well as pole finials in carved hardwood and pressed brass (fruit and flower designs.)   etc. etc. for good curtain fixing, many in larger sets, also a few fluted brass rails complete with their inner railways, all now for disposal at really reasonable prices plus any postage.  They could be useful to people with old curtains wanting to match missing fittings.and complete the period 'look'  Try me!  I am clearing several old workshop drawers., and I just can't bring myself to dump them.  Send me the sizes wanted (inner measurement of any rings)to  and your phone no. and I will try and find what you want.

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