Saturday, 14 July 2012


Our super-fair at  Yarlington is now past, so I take a little time to thank all who contributed to this highly successful event - both the stall holders who were so good and helpful in every way and the public who came in their hundreds (maybe thousands) to support this special event.  The house and garden are well known for their early Georgian beauty, the decorative interiors, the classic buildings in and around the mansion and the romantic gardens where the flowering plants were at their very best.   There were even Somerset dairy cows in the park so the picture was complete.   Buyers rushed to the bargain Bring and Buy heaps in the yard and carried away bags of loot, leaving behind over £2000 cash for the charities, the lawn looked as busy as Wimbledon, hundreds strolling round the jolly pavilions and gazebos and the Macmillan team in smart green aprons produced delicious plates of home-made treats and keeping the tea kettles boiling.  Yarlington events are always very special and our generous hosts work themselves incredibly hard to make them so.   I have been quite overcome with all the compliments since and thank all concerned for the success which has raised many thousands for Macmillan and the Royal School of Needlework (who provided 4 stimulating lectures about their Royal commissions and history).  This is a fabulous place to stage your wedding or corporate event. Enquiries 01963 210 200.

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