Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A pair of Kelsches from Alsace Lorraine

This traditional damask woven pattern is very typical of the covers made for feather bedding.  It only comes in red or blue, and I have had tablecloths and napkins in this design.  The Kelsches were piled up on the bed, usually two below and one above the sleeper and were extremely warm for the very cold winters when there was no heating in the houses.  The feathers were contained in down-proof bags which were sealed tight shut, and sewn with very fine stitches, but these washable covers were buttoned together or fastened with tapes.  They are backed with cream calico   They have become very popular recently and it is good to have a pair in unused condition.   They can make useful covers for shabby eiderdowns, or attractive curtains and covers for kitchens.

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