Wednesday, 25 January 2012


If you followed my recent Blog about a Friendship Quilt 1850's with many names inscribed, including lots of different Dillinghams, you could be surprised to know that within 10 days it has been claimed by a modern Dillingham and will be winging its way to US shortly - what a chance that someone noticed it - and I only have 100 regular followers and few in the States of course.   The power of advertising!
Talking of quilts - I do recommend you to go and visit Jen Jones' wonderful Museum and huge collection of Welsh quilts and blankets in Lampeter - click on Jen Jones Quilts for details.  She is one of my oldest textile friends and has built her business up from very small beginnings and become the world expert - and she is American by birth.  The American Museum near here has a fabulous collection, a best one from each State, and lots of books, classes and info.  Try Linda Clift for quilts - she is a very good source for all kinds, from quite cheap chicken feed 30's ones suitable for children - to the very elaborate and early print ones.
 from France.  She attends all the Talent for Textile Fairs and also has some very original FairIsle knit woollen ones which are unique.


  1. Any chance of expanding on how the Dillingham knew it was their family?

    Love a quilty mystery.

  2. aren't you the lady that was in one of the american magazines? maybe country living or the mary emerling magazine? seems I have seen your face before you had a lot of red & white material in the article

    Janice Missouri USA

  3. How Kind Buffy you are a good friend
    warm wishes Linda xx